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Man on a Mission

In 2016, Phillip Martin returned to Liberia where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1988 and 1989. He traveled for the U.S. Embassy to paint murals with Ebola survivors. And, he painted a mural in his hometown of Zwedru. This blog, and the ones coming after it record his preparations and experience when he went home after so many years.

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Memories of Liberians Telling Stories

We had been teaching at Suehn Industrial Academy as Peace Corps Volunteers for less than a month in September 1962 when we wrote a letter home about some of our students coming to visit us one night to tell us riddle stories. At the end of a story each person had to give an answer. …

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Living in Liberia

It really is close to impossible for someone from Europe or North America to fathom what life is like in Liberia. If you are poor in the West, you most likely have food stamps, health care and assistance in finding shelter. If you are poor in Africa, you suffer from some of the absolute worst poverty in the world.

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