About Our Team

"I joined the Village Improvement Project Board to make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Liberia." -Tamba Tandanpolie


Dr. LeRoy Boikai

Chairman of the Board

LeRoy is an active member of the Liberian Diaspora in the United States. He has worked in adult education and literacy for more than twenty-five years. Now, he is the Director of Adult Services for the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, a non-profit providing English language instruction and job readiness training to refugees and immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Find LeRoy on LinkedIn.


Mr. Emmanuel Wettee

Vice Chairman

Emmanuel has worked for the State of Ohio at the Bureau of Workers Compensation for more than 20 years and is now a Business Process Analyst. As a long time community leader in the Liberian Diaspora, he served as president of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) from 2006-2008 and currently serves as chairman of the All-Liberian Conference on Dual Citizenship. Emmanuel also has extensive experience in IT and in teaching IT to others.


Dr. Jerome Boikai


Jerome is a retired teacher from Detroit Public Schools and is now an adjunct professor at Wayne County Community College. With a Ph.D. in Speech Communication (Radio, TV, Film, Theater and Journalism), he previously served as an assistant manager at the Liberia Broadcasting Corporation.


Ms. Miatta T. Johnson

Country Director

Miatta joined us in 2015 as the Director of Operations in Liberia and serves with integrity. She brings over 30 years of experience from the public sector in Liberia having worked with the elections commission, the airport, and customs.


Mr. David Moore


David is retired from a business career and his connection to the founder of VIP goes back many decades. David served as a Peace Corps teacher on Suehn Mission from '65 - '69. One of his 9th grade students was LeRoy Boikai. Dr. Boikai and David have kept in contact over the years and now join forces for VIP, Inc.

Board Members


Mr. Aditya Govil

Board Member

Aditya currently works as Director of Business Development with Avant-garde Health and has worked in the healthcare sector, focusing on finance and decision support systems. Aditya has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is currently continuing his education at Harvard Business School.

dr angene

Dr. Angene Wilson

Board Member

Angene and her husband, Jack, were in the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers in Liberia from 1962 to 1964 where she taught at Suehn Industrial Academy. Angene is professor emeritus at the University of Kentucky, where she was chair of the Secondary Social Studies Program from 1975 to 2004. She is the author of The Meaning of International Experience for Schools and coauthor of Social Studies and the World: Teaching Global Perspectives. Angene serves on two other Liberian nonprofit boards.


Jack Wilson

Board Member

As one of the first Peace Corps Volunteers, Jack coached the first national high school basketball championship team at Suehn Industrial Academy in Liberia in 1962. He has spent more than 35 years in public service, beginning as a Peace Corps administrator in Sierra Leone, Washington DC, and Fiji. He was also an administrator of environmental protection programs in Ohio and Kentucky. Jack is the coauthor with Angene of Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers.


Mr. Tamba Tandanpolie

Board Member

Tamba is an Ohio businessman who owns and operates Ultimate Home Healthcare Services, a growing senior care health facility in Central Ohio. In the past, he served as an engineering coordinator at Honda Manufacturing in Ohio and was an adjunct professor at DeVry University and the University of Phoenix.


Phillip Martin

Board Member

Phillip was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zwedru, Liberia, from 1988 - 1989. He is an artist, and after his days in the Peace Corps, he taught art at international schools in the Philippines, Zambia and Belgium. The travel bug, as well as, the Peace Corps spirit, never left him. These days, our newest board member is known as The Mural Man, painting community murals in both his local community and at distant walls around the world. So far, he has painted 57 murals in 25 countries. The most unique aspect of his work is not the beautifully crafted mural upon completion – it is the magic of bringing a community together to design, paint and then own a mural.


Mrs. Nancy Moore

Board Member

Like her husband David, Nancy served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years. She taught at the Mattie Mae Davis Elementary School in a rural area north of Suehn village. She is now retired from a position as a technology trainer for the Los Angeles County Office of Education.


Mrs. Musu Boikai

Board Member

Musu is LeRoy's wife and she works as a nurse assistant at the Dominican Sisters of Peace Healthcare Center for retired nuns and priests in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Volunteers in the U.S.


Over the last three years, we have connected with Taproot Foundation, an organization that helps nonprofits find skilled volunteers willing to provide pro-bono support. To date, they have helped us with seven projects and provided us with approximately $28,000 in services. Some of the past projects have included strategic plan development, video editing, and the prototype for a cookstove design.

In 2018, volunteers completed projects for us on Google AdWords, copywriting, coaching on using Facebook effectively, and in the preparation of our annual report.

Our Volunteers in Liberia


Ms. Manaweh Mapleh


Joseph Clarke

Mr. Joseph Clarke



Ms. Yassah Yelobah


Varney Dakinah

Mr. Varney Dakinah



Ms. Tenneh Jallah



Mr. Seymon Nyehn



Ms. Zoe


Mr. John


How We Operate

The VIP is governed by a Board of Directors headed by the President who is assisted by a Vice President.

The Secretary keeps an accurate record of proceedings at VIP meetings, and conducts necessary correspondence of the organization and is responsible for overseeing all means of communication and publicity including a website and a newsletter, if or when established.

The Treasurer handles matters of receiving, depositing and distributing monies for the VIP, except for those otherwise designed by the Bylaws. The Treasurer will present an accounting at each Directors’ meeting and at the Annual Meeting.

These officers are elected for a period of two years.

The Board of Directors is currently composed of eleven members including our four elected VIP officers.