Tenegar Clinic OIC Interview about Impact of Solar Lights

My name is Krubo Davis and I’m the OIC (officer-in-charge[?]) for Tenegar Community Clinic. As I told you, Sister Miatta, the lights that were given to us are very useful to us.

Memories of Liberians Telling Stories

We had been teaching at Suehn Industrial Academy as Peace Corps Volunteers for less than a month in September 1962 when we wrote a letter home about some of our students coming to visit us one night to tell us riddle stories. At the end of a story each person had to give an answer. …

Living in Liberia

It really is close to impossible for someone from Europe or North America to fathom what life is like in Liberia. If you are poor in the West, you most likely have food stamps, health care and assistance in finding shelter. If you are poor in Africa, you suffer from some of the absolute worst poverty in the world.

Spotlight on a Millennial Donor

​Meet Jatu Boikai, the daughter of Dr. LeRoy and Mrs. Musu Boikai. The Boikais emigrated to the U.S. from Liberia in the mid-1980s. Jatu and her two siblings, Jedediah and Vanjah, were born in New York City. Jatu is a millennial who is passionate about volunteering and donating to worthy causes. While a sophomore nursing…

We’re In Business

9/03/18 – Thanks to you and to everyone who has supported Village Improvement’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and improving the quality of life for Liberian villagers through the increased use solar lanterns, we have been able to apply for a license to operate as a business in Liberia. The license was granted last month.…

You Have Made an Impact!

11/16/18 – Village Improvement Project has made its one-year Impact Report to Panasonic to show how their donation of lanterns has changed lives in Liberia. To find out how, click here to visit the Impact Report page.