Our Impact

Providing Liberian villagers with safe, no-cost solar lanterns and other critical technologies since 2014

Over 1650 families (over 12000 individuals) with solar lanterns

Produce more efficient rocket stoves to replace traditional cooking methods.

Liberian Folk Tales will help to preserve the culture.

VIP Lights' Impact

Transcript of Video Interview on VIP Lights’ Impact at the Tenegar Community Clinic, Bomi County, Liberia

Visit made on 2/16/2019 by Miatta Johnson, VIP Country Director

My name is Krubo Davis and I’m the OIC (officer-in-charge[?]) for Tenegar Community Clinic. As I told you, Sister Miatta, the lights that were given to us are very useful to us. This clinic has four catchment communities and we have 8447 population (people) to treat in this small clinic.  Most of the times, the deliveries can come to us at night. So, the lights that you gave us are helping us in that the traditional midwives who care for pregnant women in the villages use the lights to transport pregnant women to the clinic. We told the midwives not to do deliveries again but to bring them to the clinic. One of the midwives was bitten by snake while traveling to the clinic. Since they have the light, they are able to see where they are walking. Some of them live 3 to 4 hours from the clinic. So, we really appreciate the lights. Since you gave us the lights, we don’t have any problems with them. They are still working fine, even the solar plates (panels) are doing fine because the people came here and taught us how to use it, how to switch it on, and how to switch it off. I am appealing to you for our traditional midwives to get lights.

We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see improvements in the quality of their lives thanks to our work.

- Dr. LeRoy Boikai, President, Village Improvement Project.